Tree care is an important long-term investment for your yard. Brown leaves, dead limbs, and other typical problems might appear on a healthy tree from time to Time, but they often indicate that the tree is dying. It’s critical to be aware of these worrisome symptoms and figure out what’s causing them so you can try to fix the problem. In many situations, the reasons are species-specific.

Over-Exposure to Sun 

Leaves with brown tips are often the consequence of excessive sun exposure, commonly known as “leaf scorch.” This can be made worse by factors such as a lack of water, high fertilization, root damage, and exposure to strong winds that can stress the tree and leaving it open to the sun. Young trees are especially prone to sun overexposure, therefore they should be planted in the spring or fall when UV radiation is less intense.

Frost Damage 

The brown leaves that appear on trees in spring can indicate frost damage. This temporary issue may spoil the tree’s look, however it is unlikely to kill the tree. If browning happens during summer, inadequate watering or high winds might be the cause. Leaves with black spots are probably due to a fungus that multiplies in moist conditions; thus, this is a frequent problem in humid climates.

Transplant Shock 

Transplant shock is a normal occurrence for recently planted trees. It can lead to a slew of issues, including leaf wilt, leaf scorch, yellowing leaves, and leaf rolling or curling. If a tree’s leaves turn brown but it still has green foliage, don’t assume it needs more water.

Insects and Disease 

It’s critical to establish what the problem is before taking action while treating your tree for insects or disease. When you’ve identified the issue, most of the time there is a sort of solution that will aid in eliminating the pests or sickness.

Insufficient watering 

Many trees require a significant quantity of water, especially if they are young or recently transplanted. If you don’t have an irrigation system in place, daily watering with a hose is required for many types of trees during the first few months. If your region experiences a severe drought, more mature trees will need to be watered to maintain their health.

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