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Transforming residential and commercial properties.

From Driveway Disaster to Driveway Delight

Sunny Driveway Planting BeforeSunny Driveway Planing After

Before: This sunny driveway’s entrance was plain.

After: Additional plants and color bring this corner to life as a welcoming focal point, not an afterthought.

Curb Appeal Correction


Before: With its patchy yard and pitched angles, this home was sadly short on curb appeal.

After: A new walkway and sod helps orient and organize the front of the home.


Front Yard Facelift

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Before: This front yard is dull with obstructing hedges that have been pruned into harsh shapes.

After: The home gets a facelift, highlighted with fresh pops of color in beds and containers for increased curb appeal.

Revived Colorful Cottage

Before Front HouseLegarden Designs Landscaping Solutions 44

Before: The front of this cottage style house was a messy mix of evergreens with no color.

After: The landscaping now has a neat backdrop of evergreens with colorful small shrubs and perennials that bloom continuously throughout the season.

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Courtyard Clean-Up

Legarden Designs Landscaping Solutions 28Legarden Designs Landscaping Solutions 29
Legarden Designs Landscaping Solutions 27Legarden Designs Landscaping Solutions 31

Before: This wonderful temple’s courtyard had become overgrown and neglected. 

After: Getting the masonry fixed was the beginning of a new design that included an upgraded seating area and mixed beds of plants chosen and placed so they’ll only look better with time.

Stone Terrace Transformation

flower terrace before 2flower terrace after1
flower terrace before1flower terrace after 2

Before: The large hill leading up to the front door was a haphazard of rocks and spindly plants.

After: Beautiful natural stone terraces were built and planted with evergreens, shrubs and perennials to create an inviting entryway.

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