Design Process

Legarden Designs uses a four-phase process, customizable to your needs.

Initial Conversation

We will first have a 15 minute phone call to get an idea of your project goals and get an understanding of your property.  This intro call is free and will set up for a more complete property consultation. 

Property Review & Consultation

Every project begins with a property review and consultation with Lisa.  At our first meeting, we’ll discuss your specific needs and issues (i.e. privacy screening, drainage, challenging growing conditions), and you’ll get guidance to improve the overall look and function of your landscape plus ideas for seasonal color and accents. You’ll also receive suggestions for improving plant health by dividing, pruning, or transplanting to other locations.  There is a fee of $175 for the consultation.   After our consultation, you may choose to use specific ideas from our discussion on your own.  However, if you’d like to work with us further, the next step in your project is developing a comprehensive design plan.  

Design Phase

A project can cover your entire property or a single area of concern. Fees are based on the scope of the work. Once we’ve agreed to move forward, you’ll receive a detailed, illustrated plan with the layout of garden beds and existing plants, plus hardscaping (walkways, patios, walls), and also a recommended list of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. Lisa will meet with you again to review the comprehensive design in person, and revisions and enhancements will be developed from your feedback.

**See examples in the Galleries of Containers & Pots (including custom touches like mosaics), Front YardsPerennial GardensPrivacy Bordersand Outdoor Rooms (including seasonal kitchen gardens). Also check out full project Befores & Afters!

Installation Phase

Once your design has been finalized, a job team will be selected and scheduling will be coordinated with you. Whenever installation occurs, careful attention will be paid to sourcing the best quality plant material at fair prices. Lisa Eichler will personally supervise the gardeners, ensuring your design plan is implemented to the desired specifications and troubleshooting if any obstacles arise. In addition to all garden installations and landscape maintenance, services available also include walkwayspatiosretaining walls, and other masonry, as well as coordination to arrange pool installations and pool maintenance.

Legarden Designs also provides seasonal reviews and yearly walkthroughs.