Not all pets are affected in the same way if they get into poisonous and noxious plants. A day lily, for example, may not harm a dog; however, a curious cat might experience vomiting, kidney failure, or even death if they consume the common garden plant.

There are several lovely ornamental flowers that are non-toxic to both dogs and cats, so feel free to use them in your landscape and house without hesitation. Here’s what you should plant in a pet-friendly garden.


If you have a no-nonsense list of hard-performing annual flowers, add zinnias to it. You may rest assured that your pets are not poisoned by zinnias. Mildew problems can also be reduced by giving zinnias full sunshine and ample spacing.

African Violet

The African violet has been a popular houseplant for centuries, and new cultivars will provide you with a reason to rediscover the plant’s benefits. Plants that like the same temperatures as us have ruffled flowers and picotee blooms. The fuzzy leaves do not contain any hazardous compounds known to harm cats or dogs.

Peruvian Lily

For cat owners, many lily species are difficult to cultivate. The Peruvian lily, on the other hand, is a non-toxic option for both cats and dogs. This flower may be seen in professional floral arrangements as it lasts long and is brightly colored.

Areca Palm

If your cat is tempted to swat and bite the fancy fronds of an areca palm, you won’t have to worry about stomach upset spoiling your pet’s evening. This houseplant, also known as the butterfly palm, is native to Madagascar and thrives in warm temperatures and high humidity. They don’t need much water or light, however the areca palm does a fantastic job purifying the air.


When it comes to persistent plant-eating pets, sometimes the ideal option is to pick a plant that was specifically designed to be eaten. The pungent, hot leaves and flowers of nasturtiums won’t entice most dogs, but if they care to taste them, they will receive a nutritional bonus in the form of vitamins A and C. Nasturtiums thrive in full sun with average soil and spring and early summer temperatures.

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