The term “pollinator garden” is relatively new, but it’s an essential one for both gardeners and environmentalists. We are in a pollinator crisis because of the rapid decline of bees, widespread use and application of pesticides, and economic aspects of previous horticulture practices that prioritized a plant’s attractiveness over its usefulness.

What is a Pollinator Garden? 

A pollinator garden is a garden that is built to protect and provide foods for animals (bees, birds, butterflies, moths, wasps, bats, and small mammals) that pollinate plants within it from predators. Pollinator gardens are often made up of indigenous species, although non-native plants can still help local creatures.

Why It Matters

Pollinators are in decline, and it is primarily due to habitat loss and the use of pesticides. Urbanization is also proceeding at an accelerated pace and our natural space is being destroyed. Green space is frequently replaced with agricultural land, monoculture lawns, or exotic plants that do not support or host local insects for pollination.

How to Start a Pollinator Garden

Pollinator gardens are both easy to create and beautiful. As a result, pollinator gardens may be maintained year-round with only minimal effort once the basic groundwork has been laid down. You can make a small window box garden or a large plot that covers your entire yard. All you have to do is put it in a nice sunny location and provide suitable conditions.

Plants You Should Include 

Begin with native wildflowers that support local pollinators. Milk weeds, coneflowers, Monarda, solidago, beardtongue, yarrow, coreopsis, and witch hazel are all excellent plants for pollinators. Native grasses are also a smart idea since they offer stability and structure to your flowers. You’ll find that there are many options to choose from depending on your USDA hardiness zone.

Creating a network of pollinator gardens is an important objective in restoring our ecosystem’s equilibrium. At Legarden Designs, we can help you create one! We also provide seasonal reviews and yearly walkthroughs. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer!