Before you have an outdoor patio installed in your backyard, there are a couple things you should consider first. Things like material, color, and how you plan to use your patio can all determine its size and style. Here are some popular patio ideas to help you create one in your backyard.

For outdoor dining

Outdoor dining patios are a very popular choice. With these types of outdoor areas, you can use tables and chairs to seat anywhere from two to ten people (depending on the space available, of course). You, your family, and any other guests can use this to enjoy eating al fresco. 

For outdoor living

This type of patio mimics a traditional living room inside your home. You can find a set up that includes couches, coffee tables, and arm chairs. Some outdoor living patios might also include an entertainment area with a firepit and TV!

For sun and lounging

A patio made for lounging in the sun is a great addition to your backyard, especially if you already have a pool. For these types of patios, you definitely consider how many lounging chairs you’ll be placing because this will be one of the determining factors for your patio’s size.

Material and color

The next step after figuring out how you want to use your patio is determining the materials, patterns, and colors you want to use. Many homeowners go for neutral earth tones for their patios so they can blend in with the existing landscape. But don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Choose a bold pattern or color for the patio material or go for a mixed-material combination to create a border around the area. Adding colorful accents in decor will also bring the are to life.

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