Gardeners seem to be more susceptible to spring fever than others, and the appropriate treatment is to add more and earlier flowers to your landscape! To get more blooms from your garden than ever before, follow these top tips:

Pick Out Some Early Bloomers

Opting for bulbs like snowdrop which bloom early, can make you feel like you’ve cheated winter! These hardy bulbs may start blooming even as you’re taking down the holiday decorations.

Stick Bulbs with Hardy Annuals

Plant big bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths, with cold-hardy annuals to create a look that is similar to a gardening magazine spread or a public garden exhibit you love.

Don’t Forget About Flowering Shrubs

Shrubs give the garden texture and depth and can also provide dependable shade  for spring blooms. Choose a shrub with vibrant berries after its flowers fall away, like viburnum, if the prospect of a drab green bush among your blossoms doesn’t appeal to you.

Include Spring Containers

Including blooming containers in your spring garden will result in your blossoms arriving sooner! Small hanging baskets may be kept inside a shed or garage when the temperature falls at night, while big pots can be moved to a covered area if you use casters.

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