Summertime can be a great season for gardening but harsh overhead sun, unwanted pests, and increasing temperatures mean your garden needs more TLC than usual. With a few simple steps and planning, you can keep your garden looking fresh all summer (and year) long. Here are the top 5 gardening care tips to keep your garden thriving this summer:

Don’t over-water your plants

You don’t need to constantly water your plants even when it’s excessively hot outside. It’s actually better to water your plants less often, but with more water than vice versa. You should also try to avoid watering plants at night to prevent fungus growth, and at midday to prevent the soil from soaking up most of the water. 

Keep your plants fed

Plants also need much more than just water to survive the scorching summer temperatures and heavy sun exposure. Adding mulch in flower beds and around plantings will help soil retain moisture and keep plants insulated. You can also find plant feeders that attach to your garden hose to make it easier.

Prune your plants

You should also watch out for any damaged or diseased branches, and prune them when you can. This will help the plant grow back healthier and fuller during the next season. Also note any weeds growing in the area and remove them. They steal nutrients and water from your flowers and shrubs! 

Give your plants some shade

If there is part of your garden that gets a lot of sunlight during the day, you’ll want to create a little shade to protect your plants from too much sun exposure. A stunt plant, like a tree or cluster of bamboo is a perfect way to give your flower beds a little extra shade. 

Protect your plants from pests

Bugs and insects can also bother the plants in your garden! The first step is to figure out what types of insects are in your garden area so you can get the correct pesticides to combat them. Also, make sure to avoid using traps for flying insects near doors and high traffic areas.

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