Now that the warm weather is here, more people are spending their time outside. Adding a little landscaping and gardening, as well as creating an outdoor living space is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. It has also shown to increase your home value up to 20 percent. Here are three ideas to beautify your property.

The front yard

If you’re considering selling your home, a good first impression is very important. Since the front yard is the first part of your property that anyone will see, you’ll want it to look good. Planting leafy bushes and vibrant flowers with a stone pathway will all increase your curb appeal.

Gardening and trees

Planting trees around your home will give it a little character, shade, and privacy. You can talk with your local maintenance department to see which trees are recommended in your area. Planting flower bushes can also give your yard a splash of color and help the bees!

Outdoor living space

Creating a patio or reworking your existing deck is another great way to increase your home value. You can choose to keep it a simple seating area or build a pool with an outdoor kitchen. It’s up to you! If you surround the area with trees and bushes, it will also give you a little more privacy.

At Legarden Designs, we can transform your property into a beautiful space that reflects you! Contact us today and learn about all the landscaping services we offer.