With Summer just about coming to a close, have you considered how you’re going to use your outdoor living space this Fall? This is a great time of year to give your yard a little makeover and switch things up so you can enjoy the cooler days and longer nights. Here how you can transform your outdoor space for Fall.

Outdoor furniture

Stay warm and cozy in your outdoor living space by adding a few plush pillows and throw blankets. It’s an affordable and simple way to update your area. Incorporating autumn colors in your couch cushions and pillows will also give you and your guests a spot to relax and snuggle up in the cool evening air. 

Fireplaces and fire pits

You can also add a little warmth and personality to your outdoor living space with a fireplace or fire pit. Choose a classic looking fireplace or a more rustic and homey fire pit. There are plenty of options on the market so it might be hard to pick one. But opting for either will let you enjoy your outside space even in the cooler weather.

Decor and details

Don’t forget about the smaller details either! When transitioning your outdoor space for Fall, think about adding a set of string lights to give the area a warm glow. You can also swap out summer planters for seasonal ones. Make sure you incorporate harvest colors and patterns to really invoke the feeling of Fall.

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