It’s time to start planning for your spring yard now that you’ve survived the harsh New York winter! Here’s a landscaping checklist for March to keep your garden looking beautiful all summer.

Early preparation 

The first step in creating a lovely yard is to prepare ahead of time. It’s a wonderful time to check your landscaping tools and clean off any remaining dirt and debris in March. Also, make sure to perform any tool repairs before the season begins.

It’s also an excellent time to tidy up from the previous season. Remove any flowers or plants that perished over the winter and trim your landscape’s ornamental grasses.

Lawn care 

The yard, while not the most striking aspect of your landscape, is nevertheless a crucial element. It’s critical to take action right away to ensure that your yard is both colorful and healthy all year round.

In the later stages of the cold New York winter, you may notice a lot of barren areas in your grass. You should not ignore the naked patches since they can have a detrimental impact on the health of your lawn.

Plan out your garden

  • Attend flower shows to see the latest trends
  • Shop catalogs to get some inspiration
  • Prune shrubs and plants
  • Stockpile the seeds you need
  • Seed your garden

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