Are you interested in planting and starting a garden, but you don’t know where to begin? Oftentimes, learning what not to do is a great first step. Here are 5 landscaping errors you should avoid:

Avoid Ground Covers That Can Overrun Your Yard

Ground covers are low-growing plants that are meant to cover ground in your garden that would otherwise be occupied by weeds. Many homeowners have discovered too late, for example, that English ivy has a propensity to grow uncontrollably. Ground covers that thrive in shade are among the worst offenders.

Avoid Rushing Into Using Mulch

Mulch is a simple and effective method to improve the look of your yard. However, making mistakes while selecting mulch and using it in your garden may have severe consequences, ranging from causing plant damage to requiring you to do additional labor. A good choice for use around many plants might be a bad fit for certain others, and tiny pebbles in mulch can be even more harmful.

Avoid Pruning Until The Recommended Date 

Some backyard gardeners consider themselves meticulous when it comes to wielding their pruning shears outside and “keeping up” with their bushes, trimming them more arbitrarily than rationally. They then ask, “Why didn’t my flowering quince bloom this year?” It’s possible that the time you trimmed it has something to do with it. Make an effort to learn when to prune shrubs correctly.

Avoid Only Thinking About One Season

Shrubs can complement your driveway, especially during the flower season. Keep in mind that seasonal changes must be considered at all times. A suitable planting for May might become a blunder next February owing to weather conditions or other factors. A shrub planted too near to the road may be damaged by a snow plow with little effort.

Avoid Trying To Do It Yourself

Always be sure to accurately evaluate your skills before beginning any hardscaping projects. Discretion is key and sometimes it’s simply best to call in the professionals. If your entire landscape needs an overhaul and you don’t have the knowledge or inclination to do it yourself, perhaps you should consider bringing in the experts.

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